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Hey Rocky, Who Took Northern Ontario

By James R. Stevens

Hey Rocky, Who Took Northern Ontario


The Book Ontario's politicians Don't Want You To Read

113 pages.

Is the North/Northwest of the Province of Ontario a historical anomaly by that in its creation was one large political error, its inhabitants doomed to perpetual servitude from a distant urban parliament in “Tarana” and the GTA? Are northern politicians who represent 75% of the geography of Ontario willing to remain insipid bystanders in a legislature where they have no effective clout for their constituents? Do northerners have any control over their destiny? Will they ever have a voice in their own forests where MPP’s from Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border have only 5% of the seats in a city state parliament?

In this present day fable award winning author, James R. Bear writes the story of the arranged marriage of Rocky Raccoon from the corn lands of southern Ontario to the Bear Princess in the blueberry north. This forced union was the beginning of the Bears perpetual colonial status and disenfranchisement by the black masked Raccoons of the south. This 19th century marriage was protested by Simon the Bear at the time. Simon was concerned a huge sprawling Ontario would create an ungovernable province. Simon’s concerns were ignored and now Bears in the 21st Century North pay in spades for their association with southerners.

This irreverent tale has little mercy for the doddering political activities of King Raccoon Galton McDinty, MPP’s Hockey Hampson, Billy Moroless and Mitchell Grovel and municipal politicians, Mayor Linnforpetesakes, Mayor Mickey Powerless, Mayor Dave Aircan, Local School Boreds, Reeves and others in the north.

Angry Bears in Stevens fable claim these politicians view their territory upside down. Faced with inept policy, forced downsizing, and ruination in their lands, many Bears demand a divorce from the southern Raccoons. Should the Bears join the Buffalos in Manitoba or should they create their own province in Canada. The readers are left to decide. This fable is seriously informative, saucy and ultimately entertaining.

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