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Sacred Legends

By Carl Ray & James R. Stevens

Sacred Legends


Cree Legends of Sandy Lake, No. 3

160 pages.

James R. Stevens revisits and completely revises his original publication, Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree, which was widely known for its accurate presentation of myths and legends from the boreal forest south of Hudson Bay. An Ojibway legend classic with more than 30,000 copies in print since 1971.

Now called Sacred Legends, it includes stories of windigos, thunderbirds, and avenging spirit beings that once inhabited the world. The present work completes the Penumbra Press trilogy of Sandy Lake stories, including Legends from the Forest and Killing the Shamen, both collaborations of Chief Thomas Fiddler and James R. Stevens. 

“It is a marvelous account... I heartily recommend it to all readers, and especially to those who realize how dangerous the alienation of modern man from his world has become.”
— Farley Mowat


“The best collection of Cree Myths.”
— The Winnipeg Free Press


“An ancient selection of epic legends and heroic stories passed down through the generations by our peoples.”
— Lawrence Martin

Carl Ray (1942 - 1978) was from the Sandy Lake Reserve in northwestern Ontario. A translator and illustrator of these heroic tales of his people, Ray was an important and dynamic member of the Canadian Woodlands Artists. The son of James and Maggie Rae, he died in a tragic event in Sioux Lookout.

(Reprinted: 1995, 2003, 2011)
6 X 9 inches, 160 pages
over 80 B&W reproductions of paintings by Carl Ray
ISBN 0921254776

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