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Searching For The Hudson Bombers

By James R. Stevens

Searching For The Hudson Bombers


Lads, love and Death in World War ll

198 pages.

James R. Stevens’ four years of detailed, world-wide research has resulted in this, the first of two books that deal with the Hudson flyers in the RAF Coastal Command.

“I wanted to write a book in honour of my young uncle who was killed in Algeria," says Stevens.

“In the actual writing, it became apparent that hundreds of thousands of patriotic youth were risking their lives for a democratic ideal - while many global institutions were padding their pockets or enhancing their goals by collaborating with Nazi Germany,” says Stevens.

“Most books about World War Two focus on the macro events that eliminated 50 to 55 million lives. This intensely researched work exposes the truly human side... An excellent read!”

— Lewis W. MacKenzie, OStJ, OOnt, MSC, CD. Maj. General (Ret’d)


“This wonderful book focuses on an unheralded aircraft and the young men who flew them. The book represents the very essence of the airmen and their loving family backgrounds. A multitude of readers will enjoy these pages which shine light on World War Two history.”

— F/O (0) Fred Crick, RCAF RAF 48 SQ


“I spent many hours as navigator of a Hudson and I find the research done to complete this wonderful volume to be absolutely mind-boggling. When we are made aware of age, education, family background, even love life, we can easily grasp the fact that these flyers were our elite youngsters. They willingly gave up their lives in exchange for the service of their countries. Can we ever demonstrate our gratitude?”

— F/Lt. (O) Earle Briggs, RAF 24/512 SQs


“These are poignant stories of young men in the prime of life who risked their lives fighting for their countries. World War Two was a wall that prevented these airmen from planning a secure future with anyone. Yet, the women in their lives treasured their love. The author balances aerial action with the personal memories of the families and girlfriends who were left to their long nights of dreams; thoughts that their loved one would only be a name on a cenotaph. No woman can read this account without feeling deeply for this generations situation.”

— Lynn McLeod, B.A. M.L.S., Manager, Reader's Den, Mississauga Public Library System

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